UK DVLA Registrations

In the UK, DVLA is the authority that provides registrations for all motor vehicles in the UK. To obtain a custom number plate or register a new car you must go through the DVLA Registration procedure. It usually takes around 6 weeks for your registration to be completed and costs around £300.

A number of external websites also provide registrations ‘at a cost’.  Although its much simpler and cost effective to register your custom number plate directly from the DVLA. These external websites make a healthy profit from an otherwise automated process that can be done by the individual. There is also a DVLA registrations website run by the UK body itself that’s available directly to the public. This provides a direct feature to individuals to register there number plate online quickly and effectively. This is much easier and cuts out the middleman. It allows you to deal directly with the authority itself so if you experience any problems you can communicate directly with the people that are going to issue you with the registration and not a middleman!

Visit the DVLA Registrations website for more information as to how quickly and easily you can register a new custom number plate or new car directly from the DVLA. Cut out the middleman and those premium rates that you would pay and go direct!